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Portfolio screenshot of the Ajijic Hiking Group website.

Ajijic Hiking Group

Was created for the local communities hiking group that turned into a large community.  The Ajijic Hiking Group has formed over 10 years ago with local ex-pats that developed into a group of over 1000 hikers. 

Escape to Ajijic

This is a site we developed for the service of the community of Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico. This small village on the shores of Lake Chapala is home to thousands of ex-pats from Canada and the United States.  It provides the visitor with all useful information about the area, events and attractions.  

Portfolio screenshot of the Escape to Ajijic website.
Portfolio screenshot of the Inn at St. John  website.

Website Development,Smm and SEO

The Inn at St. John Victorian Era Inn

This website was a complete rebuild from another platform. This website is also ADA compliant which is necessary in the hospitality business these days.  Also required extensive SEO and SMM marketing in a highly competitive market.

Live Website

Website Development and SEO

Hacienda del Lago

This site we completely redesigned for this client, with an effort to shore up their performance in search engines.  The client was getting very little business from their website prior to LWW taking on the project.  They are now getting a much larger volume of inquiries from people finding their website.  LWW is providing ongoing SEO service to this customer to continue to improve their rankings.

Hacienda del Lago is a treatment centre for drug and alcohol addiction.  They are located in Villa Nova, just west of Ajijic.

Portfolio screenshot of the Yankee Lady website.

Website Design and Development , SEO, SMM and lots more!

Yankee Lady

This website was a redo of an old HTML platform  for and extremely competive and changing market. Constant chjanges are vrequired tom keepm up with competition and government  regulations.

Portfolio Testimonials

Escape to Ajijic was developed collaboratively with Lakeside Web Works and us at Escape to Ajijic.  The team was sensitive to the needs of the local and ex-pat community and created a website for us that is colourful, informative and user friendly.  Thank you Lakeside Web Works for all your hard work.

Escape to Ajijic

Escape to Ajijic

We are so happy with our website. Lakeside Web Works created a work of art that totally addressed the needs of the Ajijic Hiking Group and its members. 

Lakeside Web Works was fantastic in its use of photos to depict the beauty of the mountains, the hiking trails and the joy of the members.  

Thank you so very much.

Ajijic Hiking Group


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  • Website Design - 15 years

  • Website Development - 15 years

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  • PPC (Pay Per Click) Management - 11 years

  • Social Media Marketing - 15 years

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